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A Pandemic?

No one is prepared for a pandemic. It hits and leaves people and businesses scrambling to figure out how to move forward in a very difficult and unknown time. My wife is a very high risk patient, so going out even in a bad flu season can be difficult and scary. This idea was a by-product of how can businesses and healthcare offices reopen when waiting rooms and gatherings are prohibited? How can we best protect ourselves, our staff, our customers and our patients, but still keep our businesses afloat? I-MHERE was that idea! This web-based application allows your patient/customer to remain safely in their car until you are ready. It is a way to virtually check-in with a simple text!

No phone calls back and forth between your staff and who is waiting outside. No added equipment is needed, just access to the internet. All the patient/customer needs is a cell phone. They go to I-MHERE.COM and enter the code assigned to your business/office, enter their name, phone number and cell provider. Then your staff receives that information in a message. When the staff is ready, they send a message to the patient/customer to come in the building and remove them from the list. Simple, efficient, and easy to use. I-MHERE.COM. Give us a call or send an email for more information and pricing. Let’s get back to business!

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